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What separates iMenu360 from the competition?

Why use iMenu360

iMenu360 was founded by a restaurateur who understands the operational challenges of running restaurants. Many of our features come directly from those 30 years of experience.

  • Multiple Order Receipt options and back-ups (POS, TAP, Application, Email, Printer Program) ensure that restaurants receive their orders and as quickly as possible.
  • If your Internet fails, our TAP (Tablet) system still works by connecting to a hot spot and ensures online ordering never has to close.
  • Order counter restarts from 1 every day. This way, Operators know which order to make next and if an order is missing.
  • iMenu360 offers a free app that gives any restaurant employee the ability to see orders as they come in.
  • Closing and Opening the restaurant is easy to do from the Tablet or Admin panel. Anytime the platform is closed before normal hours, an alert email is sent to the Owner.
  • iMenu360 allows operators to choose the user interface that best suits their menu.
  • A discount can be given based on payment type. Want more customers to pay by cash? The iMenu360 system is dynamic enough to allow this to occur.
  • If you create a special coupon code for an advertising campaign, you can easily track how often it was used by accessing our reporting tool.
  • Multiple Delivery Zones can be set up easily (either by radius or specific streets) giving you the ability to charge different prices depending on the Customer’s address.
  • From our Reports section, you will have access to all of your Customer data including their email addresses!
  • See who your best customers are, when they ordered last and how much they spend.

iMenu360 is a feature rich system that give Operators complete control of their ordering platform. Backed by 30 years of experience, iMenu360 is a leader in the Online and Mobile Ordering space and the ideal partner for your restaurant.