White Label

White Label

Improve your portfolio of offerings without incurring prohibitive technology costs.

  • Offer online ordering within your brand
  • Setup your own pricing structure
  • Manage your own customers
  • No prohibitive startup costs
  • Pay by usage and scale with demand
  • Fixed cost structure allows you to improve margins with volumes

So, how does it work?

Are you a business with a long list of restaurant customers or a franchise operation with a portfolio of restaurants? With iMenu360 White Labeling, now you can add "Online Ordering" as a part of your portfolio of offerings within YOUR brand.

et's say, as an example, you have a franchise operation called "Funny Cow Fast Food." Obviously, a static website for your franchisees is valuable, but it is no where as powerful as a website that garners revenue and generates profits! With iMenu360 White Label solution, you will be able to offer online ordering within the "Funny Cow Fast Food" context, leverage the established iMenu360 technology and provide instant online ordering to your franchisees with iMenu360 staying completely in the background: YOUR URL, YOUR email Addresses, Control Panel with YOUR brand, YOUR customer service if you choose and so on. To see the example in action, CLICK HERE to look at the "Funny Cow Fast Food's" ordering site where a customer can place an online order!

You don't have to be a franchisor to take advantage of the White Label Solution that we offer. Start your own online ordering offer if you are a Web Design Company, Menu Design Company, Printing Setups, Restaurant Supplies Organization ... the possibilities are endless!

Control Panel is one of the keys

One of the key factors is to provide complete access within your brand. Allow your franchisees or your restaurant operators to access and manage their businesses "within YOUR context". It is critical you provide this to ensure that you retain your relationship with the franchisor and understand his/her concerns. Technology is important but relationships are critical. Providing access and control within the context of your brand strengthens your brand and re-enforces the value you provide.

With white labeling we ensure that you capture the upside of your brand without incurring the risks, costs and headaches of developing, managing and upgrading technology. It's a win-win situation that creates a broader portfolio of offerings while creating a self-serve model for your users. It helps them manage their individual location while giving you full control to see the business across ALL franchisees. Call steve at 866-629-9646 to see the control panel in action. See how you can manage the operation as an individual unit operator or a franchise owner.