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Do you talk to restaurant owners frequently? Do you understand them? Have you created a book-of-business that includes many restaurant owners? Do you want to build a book of business with restaurant owners? If yes, imenu360 Reseller Program is an exciting opportunity for you!

White Label
For Companies serving over 100 clients, the iMenu360 white label program allows you to sell online ordering under your brand. With this solution, you are able to leverage iMenu360ís technology, experience and infrastructure without incurring prohibitive startup costs. more...

API (Application Programming Interface)
iMenu360 is at the leading edge of providing online ordering for its clients however, we also recognize that in today's world technology moves at a blinding speed. The intelligent way to provide a service is to develop a platform that can be leveraged in ways that we haven't even imagined yet. Tomorrow will bring devices that we haven't thought of yet! Think of it ... How was life just a few years ago, before touch screen iPhones, iPads and tablets? Today touch screen smart phones and tablets are ubiquitous!

Our secure and sophisticated API enables 3rd party players to offer online ordering on platforms that they specialize in. We are quickly becoming "device agnostic" - meaning, our platform can take orders from mobile devices, Wii gaming screens or TV Consoles during a commercial break!

Partner with us if you are a technology company specializing in customer facing products.Technically proficient organizations and individuals - Mobile developers, POS Systems, Cable TV Operators can leverage our infrastructure and connect restaurant operators with their customers online. Call us 1-866-629-9646 or contact us via email form on this page.

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