iMenu360 TAP

iMenu360 TAP

iMenu360's latest offering is the TAP. This Tablet/Wi-Fi printer combination allows online orders to come to the restaurant seamlessly. Even when the internet fails, the TAP can function.

The TAP has many additional features that will allow operators to better manage their business. Please see below for examples of this amazing devices functionality. If you currently are not using the TAP, please consider doing so. This small investment in our latest technology will undoubtedly improve operations and your customers experiences.

Turn On and Start Receiving Orders

No configuration needed. The TAP will allow you to receive orders immediately, send notifications to customers when an order is delayed and much, much more.


Optional Printer is connected via Bluetooth. Get rid of wires and make your workspace cleaner and your life easier.

Never Miss an Order

Connect to any WIFI network. If your internet goes down, you can easily connect to any Hotspot on a mobile device and get orders flowing again.

System is Pre Installed and Ready to Go

Our software is pre-installed and ready to receive orders. No need to buy a PC, install any software, or connect a printer. Make you life hassle-free, so that you can focus on business and leave the technology to us.

Place Anywhere in Your Restaurant

Since the TAP is not connected to any computer, you can place it anywhere.

Update TAP Easily

When updates are available, you will receive "On Screen" notification. Easily update TAP with one click.

Receive Notifications

You can receive important announcements and messages from the iMenu360 Management Team.

Communicate with Customers Easily

This very powerful feature allows restaurant operators to send a message to a customer about their order. For example, if an order is running late, with a push of a button, a message can be sent to the customer letting them know status.

Open or Close Online Ordering in two easy steps

This feature gives operators the ability to open or close their platform when circumstances dictate a change. When this feature is used, an email is sent to you so you are aware. Employees cannot close the restaurant without you knowing.

For a Limited Time

TABLET AND PRINTER $99 plus $15/month or $299