iMenu360 Plus

iMenu360 Plus

One proven strategy for encouraging customers to order from your website as opposed to 3rd party sites requires monthly email marketing campaigns to the customers in your database.

Putting your restaurant’s brand front and center, along with valuable messages is one way to keep them ordering from your website. We recognize many operators do not have the time or the expertise to follow through monthly on this important practice. For those customers who want to fight back against portals and enhance their brand, iMenu360 plus is a new service that will manages monthly email campaigns for your restaurant.

iMenu360 will design and implement a customized monthly email campaign for you. The program includes: designing a branded campaign, uploading your database, creating coupon codes when necessary, and mailing monthly to your customers.
There is no contract required and the cost is $79/month for databases up to 10,000 customers.

For more information, please email and a representative will reach out to you.

What customers say about iMenu360

“One of the best online ordering sites I have encountered to date. It ran very smoothly and I was very happy. Thank you! and the food was outstanding. We will be back!”

Pizza Hut Exchange

Okinawa, Japan

“Being an IT guy, I really hate a website that is poorly designed and not easy to use. Your Website was neither. I found it simple and easy to navigate,great for easy ordering! Food was great as well!”

Philly's Best

Chicago, IL

“You have one of the absolute BEST online ordering systems I have ever used. I also appreciated the designated parking space -- it made the pickup process especially quick and easy as well. Will definitely use the online ordering system again and will recommend to others!”

84 East Food & Spirits

Holland, MI

“I'm VERY impressed-the online ordering process was flawless, and the food was outstanding. We will be back!”

Simply Thai

Northbrook, IL

“Ever since I got online ordering, I understand my customers much better. I can market to them online and use promotions to better utilize my kitchen on slow days. I can do that quickly with my online channel. iMenu360 has been an excellent partner to work with.”

Alejando Juarez